2014 GranFondo - GranFondo

Damn, we attract some good lookin' folks .. you look absolutely AWESOME in pictures. Everything you see in there is available for sale and/or immediate download, without the GranFondo watermark. Delicious.

No worries about size or cropping--we can print up any of these pixel-perfect shots because we have HUGE files at the ready. Browse the galleries of these image-getters. These highly skilled camera-wielding folks travel the world living in dodgy motels, out of the trunks of subcompact rental cars, sipping luke-warm venti pumpkin lattes and taking advantage of free wireless wherever they can. Equipment costs, time, and their travel expenses add up, so believe us when we say that we are providing our photos at a keen bargain.

Total number of edited, final photos contained here: 13,488


[10/13] Created new Start Photos gallery + Stage & Awards gallery

Added 60+ rider photos to the Kate Burgess gallery

[10/20] Added Volunteer gallery

How do I find me?

The course photographers were at Sullivan Rd on the way to Occidental, at the top of the Willow Creek dirt section, and two were at the top of the Coleman Valley Wall

First try our search box. Enter your bib number--this searches all 2014 galleries.

Plan B

Strike out? We organized a  photo tagging party and painstakingly pored over and tagged each and every photo. If, for some reason, your front number plate caught the sun wrong or you had it wrapped around the back of your head, we got it wrong and you will have to manually search for it. 

Do not despair--for this year, each photo file name has the capture time included in a 4 digit number on the end.

That, my friends, is the exact moment when the photo was taken. 1022 = 10:22a, 1522 = 3:22p. If you were at the top of Coleman at around 11a, flip forward some pages and look at the file creation time. You should be able to get close. 

Printmarks on Prints and Digital Downloads

The printmark is not the watermark you're seeing front and center on the proofs. The printmark is our 2014 logo artfully placed in the right corner of your photo to commemorate our glorious day together. If you want it on your digital download, tick that box, otherwise, your image will be unfettered.  

Contact Us

We aim to please -- if you have questions, made a mistake in a purchase, want to use images commercially, or want gigantic digital files, wall art, etc. contact Kevin

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